What is the EE System & how does it work?

Optimal health does not start outside the body. It starts within.  More specifically, within the cells of your body.  If your cells are not properly charged, you will experience disease as opposed to health. The cells in your body hold an electrical charge, otherwise known as millivolts. A healthy cell holds an electrical charge between 70-90 millivolts. In other words, sickness can be measured by a weaker charge in your cells, whereas health is measured by a higher electrical charge in your cells.

Through scalar wave technology and biophotonic light, the EE System gives a boost to the cells in your body, keeping them at their optimal charge of 70-90 millivolts. Spending time in this technology is like recharging the battery of your body, giving you more strength, vitality, and energy to thrive.

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael (DNM, PhD, DCSJ Inventor, Researcher, and Professor) invented the EE System. Dr. Michael’s lifelong, award-winning work in applied integrative biophysics has earned prestigious recognition, including lecturing at the United Nations, MIT, the World Health Summit, the Harvard Club, London’s Royal Society of Medicine, Mount Sinai Medical School, the Scalar Research Experts Conference, Tesla Tech, Regenerative Technology and Anti-aging Congresses, as well as in numerous medical schools and Ministries of Health worldwide.

Clinical trials have shown that the EE System technology assists in cell regeneration, neurotransmitter functions, immune function and so much more. And this research has been acknowledged by many in both the medical and scientific communities.

Thousands around the world are reporting benefits such as mood elevation, lower stress levels, pain relief across the board, increased energy levels, emotional stability, improved immune function; and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This is what the future of technology looks like. And the good news is, it’s here in the South Okanagan!

Dr. Sandra Rose

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael
EESystem Inventor

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