How to Plan for a Successful Session

The Solaterra Wellness Centre has invested in the very best technology to ensure your wellbeing while on site.

Planning Your Visit

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your session to check in. We will share important information for new guests promptly at start time.
  • For your comfort, the treatment room has an assortment of zero gravity lounge chairs, recliners and 3-fold mats with triangle pillows and beds
  • Two Vollara Air & Surface cleaners continuously work to eliminate 99% of many common airborne and surface contaminants throughout our facility.
  • Filtered water and tea will be available during all sessions
  • Food is not permitted inside the treatment room.
  • The treatment room has a beautiful cork floor throughout; enabling a comfortable session should you wish to sit (or lay) and meditate.
  • Restrooms are located in the center with additional bathrooms in the hallway immediately beside the entrance door to our suite (end of the hall). Please ask for the bathroom door key
  • There is ample free parking in front of and on the West side of the office building.
  • We respectfully ask that you do not use your cell phone while in the session rooms, so that you and the other guests can fully relax. If you must bring your phone in the room with you, please either turn it off completely or place it in silent mode and dim the screen. If you use your phone for meditation or music, wear earphones and please be sure any sound does not interfere with the other members’ peace and quiet.
  • Please don’t use heavy perfumes or oils, as some guests are sensitive to strong scents.
  • Just rest, relax or meditate. While in the EE System room, taking a power nap or meditating allows the body to enter a deeper state of relaxation, during which time, the body is better able to restore and repair more efficiently.
EE System Session

Just rest, relax, or meditate
Meditating allows the body to enter a deeper state of relaxation.


Hydration is important!
Start hydrating 24 hours in advance.

Preparing for Your EE System Session

Here are a few recommendations for you to obtain the most benefit from your time in the EE System session at Solaterra Wellness:

  1. Hydration
    Hydration is extremely important. Start hydrating 24 hours in advance. Your body has a much better capacity to heal when well-hydrated. Please bring water with you. We kindly ask you not to bring glass into the room.
  2. Eat a small nutritious meal before your session.
    We recommend that you eat a small, nutritious meal before your session to avoid hunger and discomfort. You want to be satisfied but not overly full. This helps to increase the effects of the EE System by being able to relax as well as to not expend energy on heavy digestion.
  3. Outdoor shoes aren’t allowed in the EE System room. Please bring a pair of socks or comfortable slippers.
  4. Dress in comfortable, layered clothing for your sessions. Your body tends to cool-down as you relax, so you may get a bit chilly. You are welcome to bring your own blanket and pillow for extra comfort. We provide extra blankets and pillows as well if needed.
  5. Lights will be dimmed in the EE System room, but you can bring a sleep mask if you’d prefer complete darkness.
  6. Very light relaxing music will be playing during the session. If you prefer silence, please bring noise cancelling headphones.

NOTE – These preparations can apply to all our services, not just to EE System sessions.

IMPORTANT! After Your Session

You’ll likely feel rested and rejuvenated after your session. Continue to drink plenty of water, to flush the newly-released toxins out of your system. To continue the detoxification process initiated by EESystem, we recommend you continue to drink at least 2 litres of good, filtered water each day.

Many guests find the sessions deeply relaxing and feel very peaceful during and following an EESession. Some guests may experience “detoxification symptoms,” including a dull headache, brain fog, or aches in the weaker areas of their body. These symptoms are typically temporary and in time, your sessions will become more rejuvenating.

It is extremely important to do a 30-minute SEA SALT DETOX BATH or FOOT SOAK after each session (max. within 24 hours), to help with the detoxification and healing process. Taking a relaxing soak in a bath or soaking your feet in salty water is not only a calming experience, but it can also provide a variety of benefits. One of these is detoxification – using sea salt in your bath or foot soak can help to draw out impurities and toxins from the body. This can be especially useful for people who suffer from skin conditions, as sea salt can help to soothe irritated skin and reduce inflammation. Additionally, sea salt is rich in minerals like magnesium and potassium, which can help to improve the overall health of your skin and support your body’s own natural detoxification process. Sea Salt Bath and Foot Soak Salts are available for purchase at Solaterra Wellness. Want to make your own? Click here for the recipes.

detox salt bath

detoxification is key
It is extremely important to do a 30-minute sea salt detox bath or foot soak after each session.

EE System Science

Frequency of Sessions

Every person is different. The effects of the scalar energy are cumulative and people with chronic or more severe conditions will want to spend more time in the system.

Healing your body is a journey, not a sprint, and for most people there is a history of years of illness or damage.  We would recommend working your way up to 20+ hours in the system to allow your body to be able to heal itself more fully and assess your situation from there.

The closer the sessions are, the more optimal your results should be.